• Mrs. Celina Saldana

    Testimonials stands when you look at our building. It stands tall straight and steady. Every material is used that has been used to put up this building has been quality and you can see it from right from the basement to the terrace on the top there is very good cross ventilation and it’s a place of peace happiness because it is built with love. We are really very happy over here.

  • Mr. GopalSuvarna

    After I have purchased my flat, many of our relatives (around 9 to 10)purchased flats in different location from VishwasBawa Builders. By the grace of god, in the Name of trust he has started the business. Even today, if any problem arises in the building, immediate actions will be taken by Vishwas team in order to rectify the problem.

  • Mr. NitinShetty Chartared Accountant

    Mr. Rauf comes across as a multi-faceted personality speaking all the local languages of Mangalore very fluently. I always find him to be a secular community man even on the completion of all his projects/ any of his projects he is in touch with the residence and comes out with all solutions for their problems. This speaks a values of a successful builder.

  • Mr. Ivan Frank

    When I bought the flat, it was his 8th project, but now because of hard work sincerity and honesty, he has crossed 56th project and I am very happy that to be one of his clients and one of his friends.

  • Mr. Anil Hegde Structural Engineer

    We are doing structural design for Vishwas Bawa Builders from last years. While doing designs, we always follow all the code and provisions, We also visit sites to take care of the good quality work. We are happy with Vishwas Bawa Builders for their commitment towards good quality of work.

  • Dr. PrakashShetty

    Buying an apartment or any property from VishwasBawa Builders is like they know what you looking for. Before they select new project they check the proximity of the project to hospitals, schools, highways, supermarkets, banks etc. The proof is in the pudding; don’t take my words for it. Speak too few at VishwasBawa customers and you will become as what I just said. They help you to the entire bank process, they deliver what they promise and the post sales is excellent.

  • Dr. Sripathi Rao

    Lucky to have association with Vishwas Bava builders of Ravoof Puthige,Mangaluru.Vishwas Bava has an excellent record of providing house sites/flats for all needy families with all budgets irrespective of community or religion.Sri.Ravoof Puthige himself is a highly generous,punctual, hardworking,friendly and successful entrepreneur. I thrilled to read his Deepavali Greetings in which Sri Puthige quotes slokas of Bhagavadgitha and Khuran projecting the same message.I pray God to bless Sri. Ravoof Puthige to achieve greater levels in his family life as well as public service.